Historic Washington, Ky. 

Mefford Fort
Log Cabin Learning Tour

  Mefford's Station - ca. 1787 - This cabin contains planks from the flatboat that carried Mr. Mefford and his family down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh to Limestone.
Pictured here is one of the log cabins on the " Historical Tour " as well as the "Log Cabin Learning" tour. "Log Cabin Learning" takes place in 3 of Washington's original log cabins. The central theme is the daily life of a child living on the frontier. Costumed-trained guides conduct the two-hour sessions. Many schools plan this field trip with over 1,000 children enjoying this unique learning experience in the month of May alone each year. All tours originate from the Cane Brake Visitor's Center, another of the original log cabins of 1790. For reservations call 606-759-7411.